Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 4. Fighting off the "Sugar Dragon"

I made it through my 4th day of Whole30. The daily e-mail today spoke about self-control over cravings and fighting off your "Sugar Dragon." My Sugar Dragon was well and alive today and roaring at me for sugar, for sweets, for chocolate. I did my best to tame it though. It probably didn't help my cravings with a stressful yet interesting start to the morning. I had to get blood drawn in order to help with the diagnosis of whatever is going on with my cycle. Needless to say, needles are not my friend. I told the nurse drawing my blood that I was going to close my eyes while she took my blood (yes I am a baby). So she starts prepping my arm and talking to me and I feel the needle go in. My eyes are still closed but I start feeling just a little dizzy. The next thing I know I hear the nurse yell "I need help in here." I jerk up and ask"oh, did I fall asleep?" (oops). It didn't occur to me until later that I had actually passed out. Probably the nausea and dizziness I felt after should have clued me in. I also asked her if she had finished taking my blood. Apparently she had just started so after I started feeling better I got wheeled to a bed where I could lay down as they finished the procedure. I was only 30 minutes later to work than normal though which was really nice. 

After the blood work my day got better, and after work I came home to my brand new book. Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II. It wasn't written as a book  but was actually a series of encyclical letters he delivered. Saying I am excited is an understatement! Everything I have read about the Catholic Church's teachings on the dignity of human life and the human body have been more profound than almost anything I have read especially in regards to love, marriage, and even celibacy. I'll most likely start this up as soon as I finish this post.

So I'm going to make an awkward transition back into Whole30 (Paleo). I had prepared my Whole30 breakfast and lunch the night before for work. I won't tell you about everything I ate during the day, but the dinner I prepared? Delicious! I am very pleased with how it turned out. I made zucchini "pasta" (thanks to my new julienne peeler) with chicken, mushrooms, olive oil and various spices. I also cut up some Roma Tomatoes. YUM. 
 I love baking now and finding new recipes and foods. It makes me happy and if I'm cooking healthy food, it's keeping me away from those foods that unleash the "Sugar Dragon". I hope that goes away soon because I've been thinking/dreaming about chocolate, peanut butter, peanut butter m&ms, and sweet coffee for the last hour. Day 4. Only 26 to go and I'm excited for all the physical and mental changes ahead.

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